Revision Strategies for More Able and Talented Learners


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The Education Consortia more able and talented team are pleased to provide a pre-recorded webinar supporting teachers to enhance revision strategies for their MAT learners in preparation for the up-coming examinations.

Ensuring our learners have the techniques to revise effectively will be key to supporting their needs and maximising the chances of success. The webinar will share research informed techniques that support all learners but particularly more able and talented learners.

We must also be conscious to support the well-being of MAT learners as often the need for perfectionism can cause stress and anxiety for the learners.

People with perfectionism can hold themselves to impossibly high standards. They think what they do is never good enough. It is vital that we help their preparation as much as possible. The session will support in the following areas: • The basics of revision • Characteristics of a More Able Learner • Schema • Developing a Toolkit of Revision Techniques

It will also examine interleaving, the forgetting curve and the revision clock