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In order to support schools as they embark on developing and refining their curricula the Partneriaeth curriculum team has developed a five step cyclical model that can be used as a reference guide. It is important to remind ourselves at this point that this is not a national curriculum in the sense that a ready-made prescriptive curriculum will be provided at some point. Curriculum for Wales is to be regarded as a framework which outlines the expectations for all schools and settings in Wales, and which gives you as practitioners, the autonomy and agency to design a curriculum which will be unique to your learners. 

Current guidance talks of building a nation of curriculum designers and, daunting as this may seem, it is true that you will all lead this change within your role in your school. Such a large undertaking is easier to deal with if it is broken down into smaller, manageable steps. Hence the stepped, cyclical nature of our model which you may use wholly or selectively in your own designs. The way you go about it is as important as what you will produce, and therefore collaboration with others every step of the way will be essential. 

We are suggesting this approach, as one possible route from vision to classroom:

1. Deciding together what you want for your learners.

2. Once you have agreed on what you want for your learners, the next step would be to decide what you want them to learn.

3. Once the learning has been identified, have discussions on what progression looks like in that learning.

4. Decide where the best place for this learning to happen is.

5. The final step is selecting contexts for the learning and then you will hopefully, have a curriculum in place that realises your school's vision.